Many of you might have watched India’s recent match against Afghanistan. As the Indian Innings progressed, people started criticising Indian team for their poor batting performance. Many fans blamed Indian batsmen to be overconfident and arrogant. They also wished that one defeat would bring them on the ground.

But at the end, when India won the game, they had to bite their own words.

Now, let us have another perspective to the match – which will help you to build your own team, and lead them effectively.

  1. It was India’s fifth game. India won three match prior to that, and one match was washed out.
  2. Not all the battle you want to win. There are few where you want to check for. If you loose against strong team like Australia, New Zealand or England, it affects your morale and spirit for the World Cup. But if you loose against minnows, experimenting for few things, it may not affect overall plan for World Cup.
  3. In the previous games, opening batsmen had good going. So middle order and tail were not tested completely. So, this match would have provided tail-enders to come forward and manage the game. Kedar tried. But Dhoni, Pandya, and Shankar missed the opportunity. So you can ensure them for coming matches.
  4. This was the right game to test yourself as you have another four matches to go.
  5. As Captain, when your batting does not perform well, it’s time for bowlers to come forward and do the job. This game provided excellent platform for bowlers to create enough pressure on the opposition. Chahal and Kuldeep created enough pressure in the middle overs, which was encashed by Bumrah.
  6. Kohli used his bowlers smartly. He used Bumrah ahead of Shami at the end. Two overs of Bumrah restricted Afghan batsmen till last over. And then, Shami did his job at the best.
  7. Rohit could always get free as he did well in previous games. The no. 4,5,6,7 would have certainly got the message post match for forthcoming fixtures.
  8. Unfortunately, Kuldeep could not have any scalp in that match. He would try his best in next match.
  9. You would have also observed emotions demonstrated by Kohli on the field during our bowling. That showed his involvement in the game.

As I stated that when you play World Cup, you don’t wish to “win” all the matches.

Your first goal should be to qualify for Semis. Not necessarily, you want to win all the matches. Otherwise, you get exhausted. You may wish to go for some individual performances. You try for few collective contributions as team. And, yes, you must qualify for Semis.

So, I would not have been disappointed at all even if India would have lost against Afghanistan.

Let us have macro view of the match.

There were ten slots of ten overs in the match. India lost three during their batting innings, one slot was balanced by both the team, and India did well in remaining six slots. The turning point, according to me, was spell by Chahal and Kuldeep, followed by wicket taking spell by Bumrah.

I would appreciate Kohli and his team the way they managed the game. The way team is doing, good chance this time. All the best India.

So, Learning for Leaders and Teams from the Match:
  1. Experiment whenever you get chance.
  2. “Winning” should be process oriented – not merely result oriented.
  3. Develop people at necessary time.
  4. Check for the errors made by you.
  5. Find out the weakest link.
  6. Do not rely only on few individuals.
  7. And the last one, focus on the bigger picture.


This article is written by Dr. Shital Badshah. He works as Leadership Coach and Consultant for Leadership and Team Building. He can be reached at or +91 94284 19021.

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