In my recent article on India versus Afghanistan, I wrote that not all matches are to win. Few are played for experimentation. And, here we lost to England.

You may be surprised that does loosing help? Yes, it helps for longer vision.

Below is my analysis for India – England match:

  1. England opted to bat first. Our first 10 overs went well, and we could restrict England to 5 runs per over – which was acceptable.
  2. We lost the plot in second 10 overs slot – where England batsmen did fantastically well.
  3. We did well between 34-42 slot – where we again came back by pressurising England by controlling scoring rate and taking wickets.
  4. We lost the last slot – by giving runs easily. Bumrah did well.
  5. In our innings, we lost two major slots: first 10 overs, and last five overs. We ended with little more than 300.

Now, let us analyse this differently:

  1. There were individual performances – Shami took five wickets; Bumrah did exceptionally well; Rohit scored century; Virat scored fifty; Hardik and Pant made a mark.
  2. After loosing Rahul, the way Rohit and Virat built up the innings, it was not actually match winning approach. So was the case with Dhoni at the end!

And, not to forget the outcome of the match to other nations as well.

So, overall, my understanding says that India did loose the match – but achieved what they would have strategise for!!!

Let us move to couple of more matches to come, and book seat for semi. All the best Team India.


Dr. Shital Badshah is Leadership Coach and Consultant. He can be reached at or +91 94284 19021.

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