Coaching is not so much a methodology as it is a relationship, a particular kind of relationship. Yes, there are skills to learn and a wide varieties of tools available, but the real art of effective coaching comes from the coach’s ability to work within a context of relationship.

It is equally true for a professional coach in a structured coaching relationship, and for a manager having coaching conversation with his direct report.

Coaching is personal & professional results; it creates a unique, empowered relationship for change.

It also emphasise the peer relationship – that coach and coachee have equal, though different, roles. They are collaborators, working together for the benefit of the coachee.

You can think of the coaching relationship as recharging station where coachees tap into the source of energy they need in order t get over the hurdles in their lives.

When the dynamics of the relationship are empowered, coachee and coach both grow. As they grow, their capacity and ability to contribute also grows.

Inspired by The Co-Active Coaching Relationship by House, Sandahl, and Whitworth.


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