Success as a leader is a difficult thing. As a leader, your success is directly measured by the success of those working on your team, and in fact their success is your success.

Team members rely on you in order to succeed, and you rely on them.

So whether you are Chairman, MD, CEO or department head, you need to know how to “coach your team”.

The need for effective coaching has never been greater than today. Gallup research shows that a team is highly engaged has double the chance of job performance and success. Engaged workers are more productive, profitable, loyal, and customer focused.

Most importantly, the research also shows that an immediate manager has the most profound influence on an employee’s level of engagement.

That is why every leader (Chairman, CEO, manager or supervisor) needs to become a great coach.

Today is an era of technology. People are expected to perform more with less.

The essential work of a coach is to engage the team – but many leaders are not equipped to do that. Often these leaders possess great functional skills, technical know-how, expertise. They belong to the fields such as business management, finance, accounting, operations, sales, marketing, engineering, operations, law etc.

But they don’t know how to be an effective coach.

Coaching is not about the organisation or the team. Coaching is about people. Coaching is about getting connected with the roots of the people. It is about helping one to overcome limitations and barriers.

Coaching is about helping people to connect with themselves – by making them aware about what they are, what they wish to do, and making them reach their destinations.

Coaching is about positively impacting person’s mindset, heart, and behaviours so that person is never the same again. It is about helping one person’s make the contribution only he or she can make in the world.


Dr. Shital Badshah works as Leadership Coach and Consultant. For more details, please write at or speak to him at +91 942 841 9021.

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