It is said that known devil is better than unknown one. But, India will be facing unknown ones tomorrow at Semi Final of ICC World Cup 2019 at Manchester in England. India’s match against New Zealand was washed out due to rain. So, both the team would be curious to play with each other to prove themselves of worthy reaching to Final. It is the same venue where India Pakistan high voltage game was played. India won it convincingly. So, Indian team will approach the game with greatest positivity.

Based on my understanding of Cricket, and Leadership, I would prepare strategy, as if I am Virat Kohli (I bag your pardon here, that i write as Leadership Coach only, as I don’t have ability to wear the shoes that Virat wears!)

A. Batting first
  1. Score to add: 65 (1-10 overs); 70 (11-20); 75 (21-30); 80 (31-40) and 100 (40-50)
  2. Target score should be anywhere between 285 to 325
  3. My anyone batsman should score 100+
  4. My four batsmen should score 60+
  5. There should be two partnership of 100+
  6. There should be three partnership of 60+
  7. Maximun one wicket during first 10 overs
  8. 31st to 50th over will decide the fate of the game
  9. Role of opener will be only to solidify the initial innings
  10. Number 4-5-6 will play crucial and important role – message loud and clear to them
B. Bowling first
  1. Do not allow their openers to settle down – strike early, as early as within first 5 overs
  2. As Bumrah having doing exceptionally well, they may play him safe. So, Bhuvi or Shami must squeeze and take early wickets
  3. Every bowler must take wickets and restrict average below five
  4. Overs 11 to 20 will be crucial – England took game from us during these overs
  5. Take at least two wickets during 11 to 20
  6. Take three wickets during 20 to 30
  7. Get them all out before 45th over
  8. Pandya’s ten overs will be crucial – he should be fully utilised before 40 overs
  9. The bowlers must restrict well below 264
C. Batting second
  1. As the target will be clear, I will prefer one of my openers to score century and remain till 40th over.
  2. Three partnership of more than 80 runs.
  3. Either Dhoni or Pandya to take the game to finishing line.
  4. Any two of Number 3, 4, and 5 to score 50+
  5. Two batsmen to solidify the inning – one in the beginning and the other at finishing line
D. Bowling second
  1. As the bowlers will be aware what score to defend, the first 20 overs will be important
  2. Striking early within 5 overs – and from 5-10 overs; so 2 wickets within first ten overs
  3. Not allowing for long partnership – fetching wickets every 30-40 runs
  4. Putting extra pressure on hard hitter by front line bowler(s)
  5. 20-30 over slot – restricting batsmen – well below 4 runs an over
  6. Strategising 30 to 50 runs as the game would have progressed to take the game in our favour
  7. Each bowler bowling within 30 to 50 overs to give everything to get wickets and create pressure on opposition

With this above macro level strategy, I will prepare on-field over to over micro level strategy.

Let us be witness to India winning Semi-final convincingly and entering Final in World Cup.

Wishing Indian Cricket Team very best.


Dr. Shital Badshah is Leadership Coach and Consultant. He can be reached at or +91 942 8419 021.



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