Transition of Mercury in Cancer and its impact on Zodiac Signs – Part II

Previously, I thought, I would write about this in four different parts, due to time constraints. But with lots of queries and requests, I have completed it in second part only. I hope you enjoy reading this. You may also write me your feedback in personal window. God bless you. Dr. Shital Badshah Kansara (Leadership Coach & International Astrologer).

Mercury transition in Cancer:

Mercury is referred as prince of all planets. It is the lord of Gemini and Virgo.

Mercury relates with speech, language, intellect, business, commerce, articulation, and nervous system of the body.

It is benefic plant, but gives results negatively if conjoins or aspected by any malefic planet.

Mercury will enter zodiac sign Cancer on Friday, June 21, 2019 at 02:19 hours. It will also go retrograde during July and return to Gemini, and once again enter Cancer in August. During July, it will also get combusted as it will move near to Sun.

Now, let us learn about Cancer.

Cancer is 4th zodiac sign, which reflects change. People with prominent impact of Cancer are continuously moving around creating new associations, new opportunities. They are ups and downs like the tides, and the emotions play an important role in everything.

Cancer is a movable, watery and female sign. Moon is a significator for water, so Cancer is highly associated with water and the characteristics of water. It is nurturing, supportive, sensitive and emotional.

So, when Mercury moves to Cancer, it gets affected by nature of Cancer. Depending on the position of mercury in one’s chart, it gives results.

The above movement of Mercury will have below general effect on each Zodiac sign:

Aries (A, L, E):

Mercury will move to 4th house. This will bring harmony in the family. As mercury is the lord of sixth house for you, which is the house of job, it will bring good opportunities for promotion at your workplace. Therefore, more hardwork you do, better results you get during this transition.

Taurus (B, V, U):

Here, Mercury will move to 3rd house. Being lord of 2nd and 5th house, Mercury in Cancer in 3rd house brings Taurus good results. It will provide you strength, courage and determination in your activities with respect to family decisions, and for students, regarding study. You will be able to intervene and bring good results for any disputed matter. You may also venture small trips in this period.

Gemini (K, Chh, Gh):

For Gemini, this transit will occur in 2nd house. Mercury is the lord of 1st and 4th house, this transit will be quite beneficial for Gemini natives. You will easily attract people around you, and you can increase the confidence of people around you. You can encash opportunities coming across you, and deal with them successfully. Gemini people, who are thinking of buying property, should finalize the deal during this period. This period is good for your mothers also.

Cancer (D, H):

Mercury will move to 1st house; and for Cancer, it is lord of 12th and 3rd house.

12th lord moving to 1st house, natives of Cancer should take care of their health during this period. Natives with not-so-good health should take extra care of themselves. Being lord of 3rd moving to 1st house gives you new opportunities coming from distant sources or places. This time will be good for working professionals. You will also have good time with your brothers and sisters.

Leo (M,T):

For Leo, Mercury will move to 12th house. This will increase their expenses. Being lord of 11th house, you may face delay in your new avenues; you need to put in more efforts to get favourable results. You may have also minor altercations with your family members. Time to give little extra to your efforts.

Virgo (P, Tha):

The coming period will bring good time for Virgo natives. For Virgo, Mercury is the lord of 1st and 10th house, which moves to 11th house. This creates good combination. You will be in good mood, you will try your best to meet your desires. You will come across new avenues at your workplace, and good chances of promotions for working professionals. With your impressive communication style, you will be able to take benefits for longer period.

Libra (R, T):

For Libra natives, if you are planning to get associated with new opportunities in your business with respect to foreign countries, go ahead. Your lord of 12th house, Mercury, will move to 10th house, house of Karma. That will turn out to be good equation for you. Also being lord of 9th house, Mercury will bless you with chances of increment and promotion, if you are working professionals.

Scorpio (N, Y):

This will bring mixed results for Scorpio natives. Mercury will move to 9th house. Being lord of 8th house, you should take extra care of your parents’ health. You may get involved in religious activities.

Sagittarious (Bh, Dh, Ph, Dh):

Mercury, being lord of 7th and 10th house, will transit through 8th house. You need to take care of your health. Married native needs to ensure good healthy relationship with spouse. If you are businessmen, evaluate the risks well before venturing out any new initiatives.

Capricorn (Kh, Ja):

This period will bring mixed results for Capricorn natives. For them, Mercury is the lord of 6th and 9th house, which will move to 7th house. They can repay their old debts during this period. If you are thinking of getting engaged with someone, take consents of your family members. Partners in business should not get involved in unnecessary arguments.

Aquarius (G, S, Sh):

Mercury will move to your 8th house during this period. Aquarians involved in stock market should be careful and watchful during this time. You should take care of your children’s health also. Long pending legal matter may turn favorable in your case.

Pisces (D, Ch, Th, Jh):

Mercury transit in Cancer will give good results to Pisces natives. You may get involved in new learning areas and get more knowledge in your respective fields. Committed young boys and girls can think of finalizing for their marriage. This period will be good for your children. Businessmen planning for new partnerships may go ahead during this period.

The above impacts are general in nature. For any specific person, it depends on the position of Mercury in birth chart, aspects on it, dasha, and maha dasha for that person.

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