There are many measuring instruments for different purpose. We use following instruments, which are devised by renowned professionals in their respective fields.
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Personal Orientation and Behavior

Balanced Orientation
Change Proneness
Coercive and Persuasive Power (CPP) Scale
Family Adjustment Inventory for Working Women
Fear of Failure
Interpersonal Needs Inventory (IPNI)
Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation
Locus of Control
Mental Health Inventory
Motivational Analysis of Organizations Behavior (MAO-B)
Optimism – Attribution of Success and Failure Inventory (ASUFA)
P.G.I. General Well Being Scale
Personal Effectiveness
Personal Efficacy
Personality Inventory
Psychological Sex Role Orientation Inventory
Rumination: Dealing with Emotions
Simple Self Reporting Questionnaire (SSRQ)
Temperament Measurement Schedule
Values Survey
Vocational Preference Inventory (VPI)

Personal and Interpersonal Styles

Conflict Management Style
Leadership Profile Indicator Management (LPI-M)
Life Styles of Executives
Managerial Styles
Motivational Styles
Personal Styles
Sales Executive Styles
Sales Styles

The Role

Coping with Stress
Inter-Role Distance
Role Ambiguity
Role Efficacy
Role Expectation Conflict
Role Isolation
Role Overload, Distance and Stagnation (RODS) Scale
Role Satisfaction: Motivational Analysis of Organization Role (MAO-R)
Role Stress
Self-Role Integration Questionnaire

The Organization

Authority Utilization
Delegation Assessment Questionnaire
Formal Decentralization
Functional Role Stress Scale
Group Effectiveness: Openness and Perceptiveness (OP) Scale
Interpersonal Trust Scale
Job Involvement Scale
Job Motivation Scale
Job Satisfaction Determinants’ Delineation Scale
Job Satisfaction Measurement Scale
Job Satisfaction Questionnaire
Job Satisfaction Scale
Job Strain Questionnaire
Leadership L: Boundary Management Scale
Leadership: Power Enhancers (PE) Scale
Learning Organization Profile (LOP) Survey
Motivational Analysis of Organizational Atmosphere (MAO-A)
Motivational Analysis of Organizational Climate (MAO-C)
Organization Commitment Questionnaire
Organization Culture
Organizational Climate Questionnaire
Organizational Culture (OCTAPACE)
Organizational Effectiveness Index
Organizational Learning Diagnostics (OLD)
Organizational Stress Questionnaire
Quality of Life Scale
Senior Managerial Function Schedule
Team Effectiveness Assessment Measure
Value System Scale
Visioning Effectiveness (VE) Scale
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