You are the result of what you store in your mind. What you store in your mind is the result of experiences you have so far in your life. More to that, your interpretation, evaluation, and meaning of those experiences for you.

Our brain is capable of storing as much as possible. It does not come with capacity the way your hard disk comes with.

Good news is that you have a choice what to store, and what not to store. We can store happy moments, as well as, moments of failure.

Many sports persons refer to their own videos of their success – to keep the momentum alive during their lean phases. Similarly, businesspeople try to refer to decisions which brought them success in the past.

The difficulty arise when you have lean period, longer than you expected for. You try everything, but nothing works for you. All formula, success mantras, winning habits and business sense does not work for you. What to do in such cases?


Five years back, I worked with one businessman in Gujarat. He was a successful businessman. He started his Boiler Making Company twenty five years back. He travelled across India, and visited all major companies who would use boiler any point of time. He developed relationship with them successfully. His technical acumen, backed by relationship orientation, helped him to grow his business well.

Because of extensive travelling, his health got deteriorated before ten years. So he decided diversify his business, and invested in garment business – which did not require any travelling. One of his friends was looking for active partner who could invest in his existing garment company.

During the same time, companies like Big Bazaar, Reliance and other national level entities got into garment industry. Effect to that, they could not grow garment business well. He was confused, where did he go wrong?

Mean while, due to health reasons, he was not able to focus on his boiler business also. So, that also suffered from cancellations of big orders, and rejections.

Once enthusiastic and energetic businessman trapped himself into vicious circle of self-doubt, mediocracy and self-rejection.

Rewiring Thoughts Before Taking Corrective Actions

He thought of venturing into altogether new business – which would bring new fortune for him.

After having initial sessions with him, I could learn that he closed himself in traps of his success and failure, which happened at different points of his life. Both experiences brought him different learning. He was trying to apply same formula which made him success, at the time of failure.

Repeated failures led to self-doubts, and self-doubts led to failures. So after considerable discussions on various matters, related to his business journey, pros and cons of different business opportunities, and his short and long term future journey, I asked him to follow four step formula:

1. Whenever you feel low, write down your thoughts immediately in your diary.

2. Conclusions about new decisions to be taken in early morning between 5.30 am to 7.00 am with fresh thoughts.

3. You will separate emotions from decisions – and decision should be made based on objective analysis.

4. Once you make decision, you will not worry about its success or failure. You may review at certain interval, and take corrective actions, if required.

Signs of Initial Success

After following above mentioned four steps, he found himself comfortable dealing with different business situations. He started having better control over his thoughts – he started eliminating unnecessary thoughts – which was lowering him down previously.

He started handling all difficulties in his Boiler business successfully. He dealt with his clients with technical explanations and managed them well. The confidence restored.

He also started evaluating new business opportunities – for short term and long term assessment.

After three business cycles, he started feeling the same enthusiasm and energy he was feeling when he started the business first time.

Its Possible to Rewire!

Everybody undergoes different experiences; each one of us has our own highs and lows.

There are many ways to rewire your thoughts – the trick is to find the right trick!

The beauty of the game is “Do you have what does it take from you?

– Written by Dr. Shital Badshah


Dr. Shital Badshah is PhD on Leadership and Certified Leadership Coach by IIM Bangalore. He can be reached at or +91 942 8419 021.


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