Leaders are tested in many situations where leaders have to make tough decisions for the betterment of the organization, same in cricket, teams sometimes go into losing streaks and end up getting white-washed in the series. This is not due to poor performance alone but because morale has taken a beating as well.


Teams end up taking the field convinced that they cannot win; they look around each other and wonder which team is going to be a match-winner and in some cases, they accept that they are not going to win the match. At such time matches tend to be lost just because of the thinking of teams. 


Good players don’t become bad players overnight, which explains the saying, class is permanent, form is temporary. The most natural reaction of a leader would be to focus on improving the performance but this is hardly likely without morale being boosted.

Sometimes leaders need to take tough calls like giving negative feedback or dropping a player. Such decisions, however painful, can neither be avoided nor delayed. In this kind of situation, the role of a leader is crucial.


Similarly, in corporates, leaders are tested when it comes to decision-making in a tough situation. For example in this pandemic many of the employees lost their job because of the recession, now in this type of situation leader has to make bold decisions with emotional self-control. Also, they need to keep in mind that the performance of existing employees will not decrease because of the environment. 


Similarly, Rahul Dravid faced public outcry in one of his innings. When he declared the innings with Tendulkar not out on 194. Tendulkar was just 6 runs away from hitting a double century which is very rare. However, that was a decision that needed to be taken if the team was to win. In our corporate programs, we ask leaders what they would have done in a similar situation because leaders will be forced at times to choose between individuals and the team.


It is not easy and it needs a tough captain to take tough decisions, to put the team ahead of an individual landmark. Eventually, the leader who puts the team first tends to be respected. So leaders need to take tough decisions during tough times


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