In this world, it is almost impossible for any individual to lead a life that is above criticism – intended or unintended, be it Rama or Sita. But Hanuman is the only character who did not commit any mistake or get blamed for any act.

If we analyse the life of Hanuman, we get to know many aspects of excellent follower, which make any leader proud for him.

He represents wisdom, devotion, service with innocence at his best. He demonstrated rare quality of serving one’s master with great faith and devotion. Before serving Lord Rama, he was serving Sugriva.

For any follower, devotion is more important than intellectuality.

He was full of energy. He performed miracle-like tasks since his childhood. But he never used his super-natural powers for non-related purpose.

For any follower, use the power only when your leader asks you to do so.

Despite having super-natural powers, he accepted the higher orders and followed before and during the war with Ravana.

For any follower, understand the system you are part of, and follow them without questioning them.

Even after winning the war, he did not wish for any position or power.

For any follower, connect with the higher purpose, and not with the position.

And, last, Hanuman actually became Hanuman, when he was with Lord Rama. Rama helped him learnt his higher role and serve the purpose.

For any follower, getting right leader is very important.

Today, on the birthday of Lord Hanuman, let us be Great Follower like him, at least for one day!

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