Leadership Coaching: An Introduction

In Indian culture, coaching dates back to the days of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Guru-Shishya parampara helped coachee to prepare himself for tomorrow, helping him overcome his limitations.

Krishna-Arjuna, Vashishtha-Rama, Yama-Yudhisthira are examples of such pairs.

Coaches like Marshall Goldsmith, John Maxwell, Robin Sharma, Devdutt Patnaik play those roles these days.

Leadership coaching is a process which enables people to find and act on the solutions which are most congruent and appropriate for them personally and professionally.

To do that is an art more than a science.

Blend of Eastern and Western Philosophies on Coaching

Leadership Coaching has its roots in mythology, psychology, management, anthropology, behavioural science and sociology.

India poses its own opportunity and challenges. So do we Indians. To meet these challenges, we take help of western theories of management, with base of Indian ancient philosophies.

Many working professionals have tried them since many years, and found successful in Indian context. And, we are in state of entrepreneurs.

Content of Program

1. Leadership in Organisation

Leadership and Management

Difference between Individual and Organisation Leadership

Leadership Competencies

2. Leadership Coaching

Art and Science of Leadership Coaching

Difference between Coaching, Mentoring, Training, Consulting, Counseling

Senior Leadership Coaching

Approaches to Senior Leadership Coaching

Different Models of Coaching

Tools & Techniques of Coaching

3. The Coach

Competencies of Coach

The Role of Coach

Origins of Senior Leadership Coaching

Positive Psychology

Faculty: Dr. Shital Badshah

He comes with an experience of nearly two decades. He is an engineer by chance, management graduate by mistake, and PhD holder by choice. He pursued his PhD on Leadership Development under the guidance of Dr. DM Pestonjee (Retd. professor of IIM Ahmedabad). He underwent certification program on Leadership Coaching from IIM Bangalore.

He has successfully developed executives at L&T, Ford Motors, Jindal, Claris, ISRO, Sintex, Varmora Group, Shayona Group, Suryam Group to name few.

He is PhD guide at Nirma University, Gujarat Technological University, and works as Advisor at KJIT, Baroda.

He is member of International Leadership Organization, Educator Panel at Harvard University, European Case Clearing House, and American Psychological Association.His articles and research paper have been published in national and international journals.

He has successfully coached senior executives at multiple companies.

He can be reached at Shital@GrowthCatalystIndia.Com.  

Program Useful For:

This program is useful for Senior Management Executives, HR Professional, and Training Professionals. You should have minimum 10 years of experience.


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