“Sir, we are four brothers. We grew together; we started our business together. After 20 years of journey in our business, now we are facing great difficulty.” briefly informed an agriculturist to me.

He was from a small town in Kheda. He belonged to farming background, and two decades back, he along his brothers, started business in food processing.

All of them, with their hard work and family reputation, did well and now are established family in their region.

“Son of my eldest brother had joined business three years back. But my eldest brother and his son, many of times, do not agree upon with each other in major business decisions. Due to respect for eldest brother, we could not tell him anything; whereas his son would act as immature person.
If we do not sort this matter now, we fear that our business would have major impact because of this. Kindly guide us.”

I started studying horoscope of all four brothers and son. I observed clear mismatch between father-son compatibility – which was reflected in their personality, and decision making preferences.

It also came to light that son would have great compatibility with his youngest uncle, and son would follow his uncle, and they would make good pair in business.

The visitor also confirmed for good synergy between duo.

So, I advised him to ask his youngest brother to take care of this boy, and together they should handle a department or project or a specific task in their respective business.

In a year, both of them explored potential market in South India, tied up with a leading company over there, and increased business by 30 per cent.

The business grew; more importantly, the family remained healthy.

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Dr. Shital Badshah Kansara

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