It was Sunday morning. I was having breakfast with few of my friends.

Mr. Patel, who was General Manager in automobile company in Sanand, visited me. The visit was unscheduled, and usually, I prefer anyone to visit me during weekdays.

He was referred to me by one of the relatives, who forgot to inform me about his “urgent” meeting.

I asked him to wait for ten minutes, so I could prepare myself with my computer, and other required documents like Panchang, tables, and my own diary.

He started briefing me about himself. After preliminary introduction, I asked him to give me twenty minutes to study his horoscopes. Meanwhile, I gave him one magazine to go through while I did my detailing.

He put forward two interesting questions:

1. Would I get promotion in my existing job?


2. Should I select the other offer which would take me abroad?

Prima facie, professionally both the options were better. But, he wanted me to check his chances for foreign settlement.

After studying horoscope, once again, based on questions he put across, I explained him this way:

A. Gochara Jupiter is passing through your tenth house – which shows good prospects for career enhancement.

B. The lord of second house is exalted in Gochara – which signifies improvement in income.

C. The lord of twelfth house does not have direct correlation with second, sixth, and tenth house. Also, lord of fourth house and lord of second house have conjunction. That indicates that you would prefer to stay here over selecting an opportunity abroad. (He mentioned about his parents’ dependancy on him and very importantly closeness of his mother with him).

Based on above observation, I concluded that you would get promotion in your existing job, and despite better offer from foreign company, you may not like to select it.

He was little happy to learn about his chances of promotion, as he mentioned about his responsibilities towards his parents.

After three weeks, he called me up to inform that he got promoted and got increment (which was more than what he anticipated for), and his parents were happy for his decision of not going abroad.

Both of us were happy about the results.

Astrology is an ancient science – Indian science – with an art of applying right approach. One does not need to follow blindly – but apply logic with strategic orientation through it.

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