“Can I go back to my home town after I get retired?” asked me an NRI.

June 23, 2019

Two years back, I got a call from Australia based NRI. He was in last phase of his working life, and planning for retirement in next two years.

After studying his chart, I reaffirmed for few events which took in his life. They were

1. You moved to Australia in early phase of life – around 16-18 years of age.
2. You married to a girl with whom you studied.
3. You had great support from your in laws – who also happened to be NRIs.

He responded positively for all above points.

Then, I tried to check for his query.

His lord of 6th house, and 10th house were placed in 12th house. That indicated me that person would build up his career abroad.

His lord of 4th house was placed in 6th house – which was not good indication with respect to association with mother land.

And third, his lord of 12th house was placed in 8th house – which indicated that during his last phase of life, he should be away from his mother land.

So, I concluded that you were not destined to be at your home town during your last phase of life.

At the same time, the lord of 1st house, 5th house, and 9th house were well placed, I affirmed that you would have interesting life in coming years – after studying Dasha and Antardasha for him.

Nine months then after, I was informed by one his family members that he became Secretary for his community there, and now having good social life…

Life gives you many opportunities, what is important how do you respond to them.
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Dr. Shital Badshah Kansara

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