“Will I become IAS officer?” asked a young girl.

She visited me five months back. Before that, she had consulted considerable astrologers.

She made one or two attempts for competitive exams, but could not clear them. So, she was worried about her chance of becoming IAS officer.

After studying her birth chart, my answer was flat, loud, and disappointing to her. I said, “No! You can not be IAS officer.”

She didn’t like my approach as my prediction was not matching with her expectations, and may be with her preparations.

To her surprise, I informed her that there were bright chance of she getting married soon. For that matter, she denied!!! She said that marriage was not her priority at that time.

After studying the horoscope in detail, I predicted that she would get married in the month of April. And, she would settle abroad, then after.

She left my office with little disappointment as I was the first one to tell her that she would not become IAS officer!

After few weeks, she called me up to inform that she got engaged with a boy from Australia, and getting married in April. She sent her Invitation Card through WhatsApp, and invited to be part of the function.

Astrology is an ancient science – Indian science – with an art of applying right approach. One does not need to follow blindly – but apply logic with strategic orientation through it.

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Dr. Shital Badshah Kansara

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